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Leviathan VS Behemoth
A creature from the sea battles against a creature from the land.
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The land and the sea. Two ecosystems that are polar opposites of one another. Both containing their own unique forms of life. But, what happens when creatures from one environment meet and wage war?

That's where this trope comes in. In many forms of fiction, there is some sort of epic battle between a sea-going monster and a land-dwelling one. Often, these battles have some sort of symbolic message of sorts, often regarding the clashing nature between the ground and water (IE: Volcanic activity forming new islands and floods engulfing the land). Often, the creatures from either element will have powers that reflect their respective environments (A sea monster might be able to cause huge tidal waves and a ground monster may be able to cause earthquakes, for example).

Sometimes, their battle may include a Giant Flyer as well.

Not to be confused with the Scott Westerfeld books Leviathan and Behemoth

Note: This is about creatures from the land/sea battling against one another. Please do not list any generic Land VS Sea (or VS air) battles here that don't involve some sort of animal fighting another animal (Yes, even humans...sometimes).


Anime and Manga
  • In Digimon Adventure, a giant sea-dragon Digimon named Metalseadramon is killed by Wargreymon (Though, he was flying at the time, he's technically a land-based Digimon), a land-dwelling Digimon.
    • An earlier episode featured Garurumon (A wolf-like Digimon) fighting against Seadramon (A sea-dragon Digimon).

Comic Books
  • A more humanoid, comic variation of this trope is found in the old Hulk vs. Sub-Mariner battles in Marvel Comics. They carried the same idea and tone, although the characters weren't conventional monsters.

  • Many Godzilla movies fall under this since they involve the semi-aquatic Godzilla facing off against fully terrestrial Kaiju like Anguirus, Baragon, and even King Kong.
  • Gamera, a giant terrestrial turtle-monster (Granted, he can fly and is an expert swimmer), has faced-off against a few sea-based monsters including a giant alien shark named Zigra.
  • The titular monsters in Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus fall under this, though crocodiles are semi-aquatic.

  • In one of The Dragon Knight novels, the main conflict has the sea serpents on one side and Jim and the dragons in the other. (Yes there were human armies involved too, but who cares about them?)
  • Katla and Karm in The Brothers Lionheart.

Live-Action TV
  • Walking with Dinosaurs has a scene where a predatory-looking dinosaur is ambushed from the water by a seriously huge Zeuglodon.
  • The old Animal Planet series Animal Face Off once gave a hypothetical battle between a lion and a Nile crocodile. The crocodile wins by having tough scales that the lion cannot bite through and by dragging said lion into the river where it drowns.
  • In an episode of Sanctuary, an abnormal squid and an abnormal scorpion fight a battle around a crashed helicopter. The scorpion has the advantage until the helicopter sinks.

Religion and Myhology
  • The Bible: The Trope Namer is that of the Biblical legend of the Leviathan and the Behemoth. (Specifically mentioned in the book of Job as being awesome and tough with some minor details-not much else. Some translators say these were just names for crocodile and hippopotamus.) According to Judeo-Christian mythos, the Leviathan was a massive sea monster and the Behemoth was a giant land creature that were said would fight to the death at the end of the world.
    • In some versions of the mythos, this includes a giant flying creature named Ziv.

Video Games
  • Pokémon has Groudon VS Kyogre with Groudon being the land monster (being purely Ground-Type), and Kyogre being the sea monster (being purely Water-Type). In the games, they had waged war against one another trying to expand the land/sea until Rayquaza (the sky monster and a Flying/Dragon-Type) managed to stop the fighting and all three went dormant for thousands of years. That is, until the villainous team (Team Aqua for Kyogre and Team Magma for Groudon) wake up the ancient beasts and the fighting starts all over again...until the player captures either (or all three) Legendary.

Western Animation
  • In Lilo & Stitch: The Series, two experiments called "Yin" and "Yang" each control the elements of earth (in the form of lava/magma) and water. However, instead of fighting to the death, Yin and Yang end up working together to form new islands by shaping them with lava and then using the water to cool down said lava.
  • The Simpsons: while watching a "When Animals Attack" type show on TV we see an ape reaching for a bunch of bananas hanging over a river, who gets eaten by a shark.
  • Land Before Time
    • One of the films involved the terrestrial main characters (Though Petrie can fly and Ducky is semi-aquatic) having to face against and save their new friend (An icthyosaur named "Moe") from a hungry sea-dwelling mosasaur.
    • Another movie featured the main cast being persued by a Deinosuchus (A crocodile that grew to be the size of a Tyrannosaurus).

Real Life
  • Certain species of crocodile can grow large enough to take down large mammals such as antelope and zebras as prey. This can and does lead to situations where the prey animal sometimes try to fight back to avoid being eaten.
    • Gustave, a crocodile from Burundi, Africa that is a notorious man-eater, is large enough to hunt down and eat hippos.
  • Pretty much any shark attack on a human could count as this.

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