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Death by Flower Motifs
Female characters with Flower Motifs are doomed to a meaningful and/or important death.
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If you are a parent in a story and your baby is a girl, you DO NOT want to name her after a flower. If you are a female character you DO NOT want to aquire Flower Motifs. Why?

Because female characters with flower motifs - or worse, named after a flower - are doomed to die. And not just any death. It will be an extremely meaningful or important death, particullarly if this character is very close to The Hero (which they almost always are). Expect their death to be a Tear Jerker of epic proportions and result in a Herioc Blue Screen Of Death or Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the hero's part.

For some reason lilies are common. Can overlap with Sakura Girl if the Flower Motifs are cherry blossoms. If the Flower Motifs are roses overlaps with The Tragic Rose.


  • Prim and Rue of the Hunger Games. Prim is short for Primrose and her death is what made Katniss kill President Coin. Katniss covered Rue in flowers as an act of rebellion after Rue died.
  • Lily Evans from Harry Potter. Without her Heroic Sacrifice Harry would have died before the book even began.
  • Lyanna Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire was strongly associated with blue winter roses.

Live-Action TV
  • Lily from Veronica Mars. Also - the truck that hits Aaron Echolls at the end of season one is a flower truck delivering... you guessed it: lillies.
  • Lily Munster is an undead female vampire and sleeps holding a lily as if she were dead and on display at a funeral.
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