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Good Natured Wisecracker

Goofy and irreverent, not malicious or pompous.

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This character is usually the goofy best friend to a story's lead, and acts as a Foil to more dignified or serious characters. They're a sort of opposite to the Deadpan Snarker, the Good Natured Wisecracker is jovial, friendly, and makes others laugh through a combination of situational jokes, Slapstick, and general wisecracking. Unlike the Deadpan Snarker, their humor isn't based on dry wit but moist heart. And Puns. Lots and lots of puns. Rather than sarcasm and cynicism their humor is usually crude and lewd and based on "earthy" observations. Because of these differences, shows with both types of characters tend to have them "duke it out" with the wisecracker exasperating the snarker and the snarker cutting down the wisecracker.

It bears repeating that this character isn't malicious or pompous, and is usually the first to make fun of him or herself if it makes other's laugh. However, they usually never compromise their own or another's dignity. Of course, if their jokes aren't funny (either to the audience or to their fellow characters) they run the risk of becoming The Scrappy. That said, if careless they're prone to Oblivious Mockery and can hurt other's feelings this way.

The Class Clown is frequently this.

  • Mike in Wasting Away. It takes a lot of pluck to keep your irreverent sense of humor after becoming one of The Undead.
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    I'd consider Carla from Series/Cheers this.