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Hot Guy, Ugly Wife
The inversion of Ugly Guy, Hot Wife
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Alternate title: Ugly Girl, Hot Husband Needs a Better Description

A very common trops (in both Real Life and fiction) is the Ugly Guy, Hot Wife pairing. This is mostly because society's standards for female beauty are far higher than that for men, and women are often thought of as loving people on the inside, while men love women for their beauty. Or it can be for another very good reason.

However, as rare as it may be, the inversion does in fact exist. While it's nowhere near as common, sometimes a totally hot hunk will end up with a Gonk of a girl. This usually plays on previous misconceptions of men and women's stances on love. Maybe the man has some ulterior motive. Maybe the girl managed to force him into such a relationship. Or maybe, just maybe, they really are in love.

This is not a YMMV trope; this is when the woman is clearly ugly, fat, or very visually displeasing in some way, while the man is incredibly attractive. Don't put down an example where "the guy is kind of good looking and the girl is kinda ugly, I guess".


Anime and Manga
  • Hare Guu Deluxe has an example going in line with May-December Romance. The Muscular bank robber ends up with the elderly Dama in a case of Love at First Punch.
  • Shiro's parents in Jubei-Chan.
  • Invoked in Spice and Wolf: Lawrence explains that Holo (who he introduces as "my wife") is hiding her face in a cloak because she's embarrassed by her horrific burn scars. In fact, Holo is hiding her Unusual Ears.
  • Sumiyoshi's parents from the Excel Saga manga. His father is a "normal" attractive anime guy, while his mother looks like a girl Sumiyoshi (Gonk). Also hilarious is that the mother is the only one in that family that actually speaks, while Sumiyoshi, his father, and his adorable little sister Canal all "speak" the same way.

Comic Books
  • Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters, where Tyr looks like a Mr. Olympia contestant but his fiancee is fat, smelly, and very ugly. To be fair, they're aliens and from the way he acts she seems to be attractive by the standards of his race.
  • In Runaways, Chase, the tall, blond athlete, ends up with Gert, the one girl on the team who isn't conventionally beautiful and thin.

  • In Hairspray, the chubby and homely Tracy Turnblad is dating mega-hunk Link.
  • High School High: Mr. Clark took after his mother (who looks exactly like John Lovitz).
  • This becomes the Sheriff of Rottingham's fate, in Robinhood: Men in Tights, after cutting a deal with the Witch to save his life; where he reluctantly agrees to marry her in exchange for a magic pill.
  • The failure of such a relationship drives the plot of She-Devil. In it, a man played by Ed Begley, Jr. is married to -- and later cheats on and abandons -- his wife, played by Roseanne Barr, who then seeks revenge. It's stated that he was trapped into marrying her after getting her pregnant in high school.

  • Dark Lord of Derkholm: Maree is fat and dumpy, with frizzy hair, a droopy nose, and what's described as a very annoying voice. Rupert still falls hard and fast for her, and they too get married.
  • In The Obsidian Trilogy, Idalia, while certainly a beautiful human, has an elf pining for her. Then, at the end of the series, it's subverted, when she's reincarnated as an elf, though it's acceptable because this is the only way both would find long-term--by elven standards--happiness.
    • Semi-example with Kellen and Vestakia--the fact that she looks like a Demon may repel others in-universe, but the reader is more likely to see her as a Cute Monster Girl.

Live Action TV
  • Married... with Children has Jefferson and Marcy D'Arcy, the Bundys' neighbors. Amanda (Marcy) Bearse was hardly ugly, but the joke was that she was a "chicken", a scrawny woman with no feminine features, and Jefferson was her trophy husband.
  • In Gossip Girl, Dorota's husband Vanya is much more attractive than she is.
  • An example of this trope appears in Glee. Lauren, a fat girl (not Hollywood Pudgy, she's actually pretty fat) goes out with the super-hot, super-popular jock, Puck.
  • The British sitcom The Vicar of Dibley sees plump Dawn French paired with tall, dark and brooding Richard Armitage—granted, she's the protagonist, and it was only in the season finale, but still. In Real Life, Dawn French was married to Lenny Henry. The show played a little with the issue. Her significant weight gain and eventual loss was even made part of the storyline. So this can depend on which episode you watch.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Eek the cat and his love interest Annabel. (source?)
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