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Phlebotinum Factory
The plot device that makes Applied Phlebotinum
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Alternate titles: Font (or Fount) of Phlebotinum; Phlebotinum Generator

My first attempt at a YKTTW, so please forgive the coding (and any other) weakness.

Do We Have This? Is This Tropable?? I'm not completely sure this is tropeable; technically something that makes Phlebotinum is itself Phlebotinum but I feel like I've Seen It a Million Times.

In some universes, all (or at least a good deal) of the Applied Phlebotinum can be traced back to a single source. This source.

This is the phenomenon, device, or manufacturer that generates plot juice. It can even be a person. If spinach is the Power Source of the 'verse, this would be the spinach farm.

Common Phlebotinum Factories include Sufficiently Advanced Aliens, Mad Scientists, gods and goddesses, Eldritch Abominations and mothers of a thousand young, Green Rocks, and Sealed Evil in a Can.

May host some species of phlebotinum feeders. See also: Heroic Host and Super Empowering.


  • Berserk: The Apostles are empowered by The Idea Of Evil.


  • Piers Anthony's Xanth novels. The source of magic for the land of Xanth is a trapped demon named X(A/N)th.
  • The marvelous land of Oz owes its many marvels to a single person:
    Oz was not always a fairyland, I am told. Once it was much like other lands, except it was shut in by a dreadful desert of sandy wastes that lay all around it, thus preventing its people from all contact with the rest of the world. Seeing this isolation, the fairy band of Queen Lurline, passing over Oz while on a journey, enchanted the country and so made it a Fairyland. And Queen Lurline left one of her fairies to rule this enchanted Land of Oz, and then passed on and forgot all about it.

Live-Action TV:
  • Much of the Phlebotinum in Fringe can be attributed to Massive Dynamic and the earlier research of Walter Bishop and William Bell.
  • The last season of Lost reveals that the source of all the island mysteries is a secret sparkly spring of water that must be protected at all costs and will turn you into a smoke monster if you arenít careful.


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