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Flight Montage
A character gains the ability to fly and several minutes are spent showing off the joys of flight.
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Do We Have This One? ? I've searched quite a bit and have been looking out for a while now..

A character suddenly gains superpowers, or wings, a fantastic flying steed, or convinces someone who can fly to give them a ride. Cue a dramatic montage of said character whipping across a fantastic landscape, complete with flips and barrel rolls, an obligatory cresting through the clouds moment, and exciting, wondrous music. Expect "oohs" and "ahhs" from both the audience and the characters.

Flight montages serve to capture the joy in a character having attained one of humanities desires, as well as give a light moment and introduce a new power. They also help show off the media: they are popular with animated works and are almost always gorgeously animated, with amazing background scenery and aforementioned cloud effects.

Possibly due to their place as an emotional high point, they are prone to getting interrupted.

(alternate title: gratuitous flight scene - in a Just for Pun variation of gratuitous fight scene.)


  • In How to Train Your Dragon, after Astrid winds up on Toothless with Hiccup, a Flight Montage results, ending in them discovering the Red Death.
  • Avatar is similar to the above, when Jake finally tames his banshee and explores the floating islands with Neytiri.
  • WallE contains two flight montages: First on earth, when Eve demonstrates her flying abilities, and a second time in space, with the aid of a fire extinguisher.

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