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Out-manned by a Woman
Where a woman proves to be equal to or better at what men usually do in a short period of time.
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This trope has been in use for multiple forms of media. This trope is usually in affect when Bob does something masculine only to be outdone by Alice in a brieft span of time. Compare with One of the Boys, Action Girl, Wrench Wench, and I Was Beaten by a Girl as well as Passionate Sports Girl. May invoke or subvert Positive Discrimination, depending on the actual activity they have outdone the male character in This trope is usually a Establishing Character Moment for The Lad-ette to show her credibility as such, but isn't exclusive to that charcter.



  • After Shrek burps while walking through the forest, Fiona makes a loud belch herself.

  • Daine of The Immortals Quartet quickly shows up a number of Carthaki soldiers with her archery skills. This after they tell her she won't be able to do a number of things, such as string the bow, lift the bow, draw the bow, or shoot. Keladry of Mindelan does much the same, winning her first jousting matches with ease.


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • There's an episode of Full House when Jesse was trying to provide commentary for a hockey game, couldn't do it, and then Becky stepped in and did a near professional job at it.


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