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Charming Gambler
He's got a way with the cards...and the ladies

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"I guess Lady Luck has got the hots for old Duke Devlin-- like everyone else."
--Duke Devlin, Yu-Gi-Oh!

There's just something about a gambling man. Maybe it's his carefree attitude. Maybe it's his smooth talk and knack for reading people. Maybe it's that charming smile. Maybe it's the fat pile of cash/casino chips that he's raking in. Whatever the reason, fictional gamblers have a tendency to be portrayed as The Charmer and a highly successful ladies man. Depending on personality, he may be the The Casanova, Handsome Lech, or Chick Magnet, but he will almost assuredly NOT be a Chaste Hero. Will usually be a Loveable Rogue.


Anime and Manga
  • Duke Devlin of Yu-gi-oh (see page quote), inventor of Dungeon Dice Monsters and possessor of legions of fangirls--in-universe and out.

  • Gambit, obviously.
  • The DCU's Bat-Lash, who was inspired by Maverick (see Television example below)
  • There's one Lucky Luke where a perpetually-unlucky guy is on the winning streak of his life, with all the saloon beauties hanging on his arm.


  • Dale Rowan in the Beka Cooper series by Tamora Pierce. He manages to utterly charm the very prickly Beka, who previously resisted the Rogue's advances.

  • Brett Maverick as played by James Garner in the 1950's series Maverick.
Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Video Games
  • Parodied in Ratchet & Clank 3, where Clank has the main role in a James Bondesque TV show called "Secret Agent Clank". The first scene we see of it is Clank in a tuxedo, playing in a casino while surrounded by a bunch of robotic babes. Not too surprising since he is the Chick Magnet of the series (despite being a 2 ft. tall robot...)
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