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Santa Atheist

A character doesn\'t believe in Santa Claus.

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"An old guy, in a red suit, cruising the whole world in one night? Why, it's practically impossible!"
Pete to Max, in Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

A very common plot or plot element exclusively reserved for Christmas specials, a character (be it sensibly or, depending on the story, insensibly or unwittingly) doesn't believe in Santa Claus. This can often result in a shocked reaction from friends and family, especially if it's a little kid.

The trope can be both played for laughs and, in the right hands, even be played for drama. This trope will often result in Santa being revealed to be Real After All at the end.

Also has ties to Children Are Innocent and Growing Up Sucks when the news is either broken to a kid or if they find it out for themselves.

Has nothing to do with any actual Santa Claus based religion, fictional or otherwise.

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  • Jimmy Neutron, being a kid of science is initially this in the series Christmas Special (mainly due to his Christmas gift being delivered several years late, and for a very good reason) but he changes when he discovers Santa is real (albeit he uses technology and not magic).
  • Pete is this in Mickeys Once Upon A Christmas. He successfully gives Max this attitude (especially after Goofy's brief masquerade as Santa goes horribly wrong) but the real Santa thankfully shows up at the end (and Pete, visibly shocked at this, tries to change face to get a gift, to no avail).
  • The SpongeBob Christmas special has Squidward be this from the start when SpongeBob introduces the holiday to Bikini Bottom (After learning about it from Sandy), but the whole town becomes this when Santa doesn't show up and accuse SpongeBob of lying and ditch him, much to his despair. Squid initially rubs it in his face, but he quickly realizes how much of a jerk he was when SpongeBob gives him a gift, and poses as Santa in order to make SpongeBob happy again. Predictably, the real Santa eventually cameos at the end, and as expected for the series, he is a little off the wall.
  • In the Happy Harmonies short "Alias St. Nick", a vagrant cat poses as Santa Claus so he can sneak into and eat a family of mice. All of the kids buy his sham, but Little Cheeser the mouse, who already thinks the Santa Claus tale is a humbug, doesn't buy his charade.
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