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Tinseltown is all star-studded glitz, all the time.
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Do We Have This? Didn't we used to have this?

That screwy, ballyhooey Hollywood!

We have Hollywood California, but there's only one tiny line in the description of "Los Angeles" that touches on Hollywood proper, in the old sense. Stars, glitz, glamor, magic, romance, fame, and fortune! Searchlights, red carpets, gala premieres, exclusive clubs, limousines and long cigarette holders! The Brown Derby, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Sunset Strip, the Walk of Fame at Hollywood and Vine! Talent scouts discovering the latest superstar serving coffee at the local diner! Exclamation points on everything!

Almost a Forgotten Trope these days, since everything (including Hollywood itself) is Darker and Edgier now, though it's even more forgotten that Hollywood Hollywood was always a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and the flimsy scaffolding holding up the glitzy facades showed more than modern audiences give credit for.

I went through all of Hollywood Style, but I really can't find anything that talks about this at all, except its opposite: Horrible Hollywood.

Looking for more straight examples!

  • In The Dukes Of Hazzard Reunion Show "Hazzard in Hollywood!" Daisy comes across a film set where they hire her on the spot to do a complicated stunt. Done in one take, without any rehearsal.
  • Singin' in the Rain - especially the Framing device of a film opening, before delving into the nuts and bolts of movie making (which was still simplified from reality).
  • I Love Lucy had An Arc with a long road trip to Hollywood, in which the characters mixed and mingled with (and occasionally stalked) Hollywood stars, were dazzled by Hollywood fashions, and look for their big breaks into the biz.
  • The song "Hooray for Hollywood", from 1937's Hollywood Hotel, is perhaps the theme song for this trope, conveying both the thrill and allure of fame and fortune, and the superficiality and silliness of it all.
  • The Academy Awards and other award pageants attempt to preserve the Hollywood Hollywood atmosphere, with an interesting mix of results.
  • In Molly Moon, the author seems to think that all stars just randomly stroll around Hollywood all the time.
  • Holy Wood in the Discworld novel Moving Pictures is this...right up until the Eldritch Abomination shows up.

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