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My Little Pony Crossover
An index listing pony crossovers, many of which already have their own page here
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Friendship Is Magic has an extremely prolific, creative, art-driven, popculture-loving fandom that crosses it over with pretty much anything and everything, through any medium, be it Fan Fiction or Fan-Art or Fan Videos or Fan Games or Fan Anything. A Fimfiction search with the tag "crossovers" brings a *lot* of resutls. As of this article's writing, there are 13195 pages' worth of MLP images tagged "crossover" on image aggregator Derpibooru*. A search on DeviantArt returns 5091 works. Go on YouTube and search for "MLP + popular work" and you'll probably find something.

As usual, Sturgeon's Law applies; thankfully, the quantity of work produced is so immense, there's a very large amount of very excellent work out there.

One could hypothesize that this phenomenon is encouraged by the show's tendency to incorporate popular culture into its setting, plots, jokes, songs... references and homages abound,and the setting is at once vague and yet vivid in such a way that it's easy to meld with pretty much anything. As bronies often say, "IT BLENDS!"

There are also many works that cross-over in spirit, in the style of Spiritual Successor and Spiritual Licensee, or "your premise recycled IN EQUESTRIA.

Examples (classified by medium of origin of the work being crossed over with):

Anime and Manga Comic Books Literature Live-Action TV New Media Tabletop RPG Video Game

Multiple Works

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