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The Chooser Of One
This person designates The Chosen One
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Lana: So how is it that you're important enough to know about this prophecy, huh?!
Turrick: I wrote it.

Alternate Title Options (please help pick): The Chooser One, The Announcer, The Choosing One and Choosing The Chosen One.

Basically this is a character who has the capacity and authority to designate The Chosen One. This Chooser Of One (Better name ideas would be greatly appreciated to avoid snowcloning blues) has a sort of weird divinatory ability to either foretell who is naturally going to be The One and thus better train them, who would make a good (substitute?) One or even out and out Super Empower a complete random Muggle into the One.

Typically this person is a wise mentor who sticks around or an Enigmatic Empowering Entity who only provides a title, trinket, and general direction for what the One should do. Other possible Choosers Of The One might not be human at all; Sentient Phlebotinum, an Empathic Weapon, The Force or God(s) may take this to an entirely cosmic level. Bringing this trope right back to street level, it's also possible for a "glorified delivery guy" to be forced into the position of choosing The One. In these cases it may be that all it takes to become the One is to be the first to take up a fallen hero's sword, in which case the whole seemingly random selection angle comes back into play.

Because of this potential for plot induced randomness, there can be an exploration on the true nature of heroism as something innate or vocational, and destiny as immutable or malleable. It's possible that the Chooser could invoke a sort of Koan and claim that the mere act of choosing someone is meaningless, rather the faith and trust of the chosen paves their path... or that there is no randomness, only destiny.

Compare and contrast The Presents Were Never from Santa.


Anime and Manga
  • Kirin in The Twelve Kingdoms choose each nation's king. The real deciders are gods, but the kirin never make a mistake, even if they think they did.

  • The wise turtle Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda is the one who chooses Po the panda as the next "Dragon Warrior".
  • The Oracle in The Matrix can't decide who is the one, but is able to tell whether Neo is or isn't the One. The Architect would probably be the chooser, because he programmed Neo to be the One.

  • In The Hobbit, Gandalf basically just knocks on the first door he sees, causing Bilbo to suddenly become the group's thief, and ultimately The Chosen One.
  • Cyradis the Blind Seer in The Elenium series by David Eddings is responsible for choosing between The Hero and the Big Bad at the final showdown.
  • In Harry Potter, Voldemort was unknowing the Chooser, since whoever he decided to mark "as his equal" would be the one with the power to defeat him. Technically, it could have been either Harry or Neville, or no-one, but Voldemort made it final.
  • In The Legend Of The Seeker, Zedd names Richard as the Seeker.

  • The prophet Samuel chose the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, in the Bible, led by God.
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