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Depression Rain

Just as a character loses, gets rejected, or rains.

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The Hero has just lost a fight with his archnemesis, one that he had to win. Or maybe he asked his love interest out, only to get torn apart. Or something else that causes the character to get depressed, perhaps accompanied by the character collapsing onto their knees, sitting down, or lying on the ground.

And then the rain starts.

The rain has perfect timing. It'll either start just as the character is depressed, just to add insult to injury by making them all wet as they sit on the ground, too sad to move. Or it could start in the middle of an argument, getting stronger as the argument does the same, with the hero standing in the rain while the person he was arguing with goes away.

Compare Battle in the Rain or Personal Rain Cloud. If the rain gets bad enough, the hero could end up Caught in the Rain. Usually, the scene will just end with the hero standing/sitting/lying there in the rain, and a second later it's all sunny again.

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