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Try our Jabba the Hutt with Sith Sauce!
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Sometimes food goes LARP too. The staff may or may not wear uniforms apparently designed by some mad hatter during hangover, but the place's menu is going to look really weird. Usually it's just new names for everything, though not always...
And then someone does an exaggerated parody of that. Due to inherent silliness, parodies are no less frequent than the straight use.

An almost obligatory component of a Theme Park. Cosplay Café is a milder subtrope where the theme is reflected primarily by costumes.

  • Weregeek got this (hilarious, but Mark sees the side where it "isn't very nice")
  • Truck Bearing Kibble has one less than bright cafe design from Uniform Koncepts, Inc.
  • The Weekenders had a running gag involving a thematic pizza place, except the actual theme of the place changed every episode.
  • The Simpsons: the family went to a 50s themed diner. When they visit Japan they go to Americatown, a US-themed restaurant.
  • Pulp Fiction: Vincent takes Mia to a 50s themed restaurant.
  • Friends: After Monica loses her cheffing job at a high class restaurant she's reduced to being a cook/waitress at a 50s themed diner.
  • Lily in How I Met Your Mother has to spend some time at a Luau themed restaurant.
  • Escape from Monkey Island got two. There is the Hawaiian themed Lua Bar that replaces the SCUMM Bar after a hostile takeover and "Planet Threepwood," a restaurant based around the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood himself.
    • Meta-humor here is that the SCUMM bar was named after the SCUMM programming engine used to create the early games (Escape from Monkey Island used the newer Lua engine for 3d).
  • "Planet Krypton" from the Kingdom Come miniseries.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? (the American version) has a game called "Themed Restaurant."
  • Sinfest got three in a row.
    'Nique: Time to go on a diet.
  • Real life codifiers were The Hard Rock Cafe and the now-defunct Planet Hollywood, and the lesser known Harley-Davidson Cafe.
    • There is a real-life alien-themed restaurant in Manhattan called Mars 2112.
  • Back to the Future, Part II has a restaurant in the 21st century, themed after the 80s (the period in which the film was actually made). Humour was made of how badly they represented the decade.
  • Schlock Mercenary has "authentic Hong-Kong-Tex-Mex". It's even worse than this sounds.
  • Arrested Development had an American-themed restaurant in a British district of Orange County.
  • Sal in Joyce and Walky! ends up working in an alien-themed restaurant, and often snarks at how convenient it is aliens have the same diet as humans. It turns out the place is largely staffed with Aliens who were stranded on the planet after a failed takeover in the comics' predecessor It's Walky!
  • Ghost World movie has yet another 50s diner. Rachael and Enid love the combination of the 50s decor with the non period radio.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 8, episode 12) had the detectives questioned staff of a Poe-themed restaurant, dressed like 'The Black Cat' and 'The Tell-tale Heart'.
  • In an episode of Bones taking place in Roswell New Mexico Booth & Brennan visit a UFO-themed diner there. Truth in Television, of course.
  • In Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber, Katya goes to numerous outlandishly themed bars -- one where it rains from the ceiling, one where it's hot as a desert, and another that is medieval themed. In some cases it is the exact same bar as before, having changed themes. Each place also serves a cutely-named martini: "raintini", "knightini".
  • The second Gremlins movie has a Canadian-themed restaurant where the staff dress like Mounties and the food includes Chocolate Moose ("would you like a horn?")

not sure if Real Life should be included, especially since here would be twenty-pages-and-growing of these. Maybe, only for existing work pages, like Wiki Rule?
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