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Women Aren't Friendly
Women often can't be friends without secretly disliking each other.
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I think all women secretly hate each other.
— Jerry Lawler, Monday Night Raw

In fiction, it seems women can't be friends (or aren't very good friends) because they tend to be bitchy towards each other. Often a female protagonist has no more than one or two female friends, but she can't seem to make anymore because they're either Alpha Bitches or there's something about the protagonist that keeps off other females.


  • Mean Girls is completely based around Deconstructing this. All of the girls in the school are revealed to have said cruel things about each other, and all of them have felt victimised by the same sort of comments because teenage girls are so insecure and vulnerable. The protagonist realises in the middle of a Maths contest thing that bitching about her opponent's crappy make up won't help her win the tournament.

    Obviously this is Unfortunate Implications and it's kind of untrue because boys can also be very mean! Related to One of the Boys, which I guess its the natural outcome in a world where this is the rule.

Live-Action TV
  • Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Deandra doesn't really have close friends, only Athena who she hangs around with to make herself look prettier when trolling bars, and "the Waitress" who she only uses in her cruel manipulations. Meanwhile, Charlie, Mac, and Dennis are often locked in battles and rivalries to prove who is a better friend to whom.
  • Elaine Benes from Seinfeld. She is hardly ever seen interacting with other women rather than Jerry, George, and Kramer, and when she is it is often not in a positive way. If I remember correctly she even mentions that she has a hard time making friends with women, because they tend not to like her.
  • On Friends, Ross drunkenly lets slip that his girlfriend Charlie didn't like Rachel when they first met. Charlie tries to apologise and Rachel says it's okay, girls usually don't like her.
  • Played with in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Lily thinks she's going to be leaving the country for a year, and worries for Robin, as Lily is Robin's only female friend. Robin says she doesn't get along with other women. At Lily's insistence, Robin talks to a woman crying at the bar. It turns out the two of them have a lot in common, and she could supplant Lily as Robin's best female friend. Lily then gets jealous and sabotages the budding friendship.

  • Looking for Group: When the party takes passage on a ship run by a female captain, she's the first woman they've really interacted with other than the one who's defined by her relationship to the male lead. The two women are about to meet—and the next strip reports that this trope happened for no reason that the men can figure out. The punchline essentially is "wimmenz is crazy."

Western Animation
  • Family Guy
    • Lois Griffin seems to have a problem trying to make friends with women. As she said in "And Then There Were Fewer" when she tried to be friends with Diane Simmons. She thought she made friends with the new female newscaster, but she turns out to be a former classmate of Lois who held a grudge against her for humiliating her (as Lois was an evil cheerleader). Her only female friend seems to be Bonnie. Even she called Lois a "slut" when word got out that she once starred in a porn film.
    • In one episode, Stewie put Lois, Meg, and Bonnie in a simulation with amnesia. When they first encounter each other, they quickly start scratching and pulling each others' hair.
    • In the parody of Return of the Jedi Leia takes an instant disliking to Mon Mothma, presumably for no other reason than this trope.
    Han Solo (Peter): Hey check it out, it's another chick. The only other chick in the galaxy.
    Leia (Lois): I don't like her.
  • The Simpsons. Marge Simpson doesn't have that many female friends. Most even shun her, mostly because of Homer's stupidity. One time, she tried to have some women over, but Homer came in with a skunk. She use to be part of a group of women called the Springfield Investorettes (which includes Helen, Maude, Agnes, Luann, and Edna) who voted her out for being too conservative.
  • In Fairly Oddparents, Wanda doesn't have that many female friends (only two are seen). Having an idiot for a husband probably didn't help much either. Some of the more beautiful women hate her because she's plain, AND for Juandissimo pining over her.
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