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So you've wandered into a haunted town, where the darkest horrors of the beyond lurk around every corner, and you have to have a change of pants on hand constantly. Yes, it's terrifying, the epitome of fear. Slowly, when the coast is clear, you cut through the thick fog and find yourself in front of a large billboard. You begin to read. "Welcome to sunny..." Wait... Why the hell do they call it that!? Why is it that some of the scariest places on Earth have such innocent names?

Deathville applies mostly to Towns With Dark Secrets (and is largely a subversion of this trope) or generally any location that has a relatively misleading name when compared to the horrors that go on there. Of course, it doesn't always have to be NormanRockwellville but something that belies the nature of the town.


  • In Silent Hill, your deepest fears literally come alive in a town that is virtually devoid of sane life. If it hadn't been for it's introduction in the long running horror series, the name Silent Hill would paint pictures of a quiet, sleepy, small town, without any tentacle monsters or sexy nurses.

  • Sandford, the small village that serves as the setting for Hot Fuzz has a name that perfectly fits it's countryside feeling, despite the fact that the citizens of said town systematically kill anyone who threatens the sanctity of it's peaceful existence.

  • The Nightmare on Elm Street films all take place in the innocent-sounding town of Springwood. It's hard to get much more generic than Springwood, but it probably doesn't help that it was from the era of cheesy 80's slasher movies.

  • Sunnydale, CA, the setting of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is directly above the portal to a veritable Hell, where, presumably, (I don't know, I don't watch the damn thing) all or most of the antagonists originate from.

  • Bright Falls from the videogame Alan Wake is a small, peaceful backwoods town that hides an ancient monster.
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