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Japanese Summer Setup Weather
In anime there is the same shot of same types of clouds to indicate its summer

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Want to set up that its summer in an anime? use a shot of large poofy high clouds extending deep in the sky with sounds of Japanese cicadas as noise. Common in Slice of Life anime.

A form of Atmosphere Building Suspiciously Apropos Weather and maybe a form of Scenery Porn.

Compare Cicadian Rhythm.

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  • Nichijou has featured 3 of them during the two summer break episodes.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya every episode of the notorious eight Endless Eight episodes features one during the intro or during the Public Pool visit.
  • A Channel's summer break episodes feature one in the intro. The clouds are suspiciously gone later in the episode for the fireworks festival.
  • K-On! features several during their summer breaks.
  • Several Yotsuba chapters feature long pans during summer where such clouds are visible.

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