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Kung Fu Wake Up
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From Ebert's Movie Glossary:

To prove how aware/crazy/focused a movie character is, a friend will wake the sleeping character. The character will instantly, ferociously, leap up from a deep sleep and pull a knife/gun or kung-fu chokehold on his friend, before apologizing for almost killing him.

  • Lethal Weapon
  • Gladiator, Maximus wakes up armed with a small dagger in his hand.
  • Happens twice in Anastasia.
  • In Alex Garlands novel, The Beach, one character talks in a very pissed off manner about a time when another character was nodding off to sleep. There came a slight noise in the bushes, and he leapt up with his knife.
    "He wanted me to see how fucking alert he was."
  • Wolverine does this to Rogue in the first X-Men movie, however goes too far and instinctively stabs her in the shoulder.
  • This is the reason no one tries to wake up Bun-bun in Sluggy Freelance.
  • Hunny in Ouran High School Host Club does this a few times.
  • Happens in Gunsmith Cats, in the hospital: a mook is trying to plant a bomb under Rally's pillow (where she also kept her gun), Rally instantly snaps to alertness and shoots the mook. Mook runs off and jumps into his car. Rally notices the bomb and tosses it out the window... onto the mook's car. And we later learn through all this, she wasn't even fully awake.
  • Subverted in Jet Li's My Father Is A Hero where he teaches his son a special kung fu breathing technique to play dead instead of waking up.
  • Gordito is afraid of waking up Dr Mc Ninja for this very reason.

Rolling Updates. Perhaps a better title is needed, if "Kung Fu" is too specific. Rude Awakening is one suggestion.

Enough examples have been accrued, if someone could launch this, it's Up for Grabs.
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