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Cute Cat Girl
Subtrope of Catgirl, Up For Grabs
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Up for Grabs, Early Development Phase, Needs a Better Description, Needs More Examples

This is being created as the result of a TRS thread

This will be a subtrope for Cat Girls whose feline features are used to make a character appear cute or innocent. Another subtrope will be created for catgirls whose feline features are used to make them appear sexy and dangerous.

The Cute Cat Girl is a type of Cat Girl whose feline features are used to emphasize cuteness and innocence. The Cute Cat Girls is Little Bit Beastly or is wearing a Cat Eared Headband. In other words Cute Cat Girl is a character looks mostly like a human, however she has the ears of a cat. The ears can be real or fake.

In addition to Cute Cat Girls often have Cute Little Fangs and a tendency to use a Cat Smile when happy. The Cute Cat Girl will also typically exhibit behavior that is associate with cats, such as a Verbal Tic imitating the sound of a cat and Faux Paw. Cute Cat Girls often have a Genki Girl personality

They are not Petting Zoo People or Beast Folk style furriers, nor are they Funny Animal or Humanoid Female Animal cats, so please don't list examples of those here. Characters that are only occasionally drawn with cat ears as a result of Super Deformed Art, but never actual have literal physical ears, should be listed under Sprouting Ears.

In Japan, the Cute Cat Girl is closely associated with Moe and Kawaisa.

See Cat Girl for more information about Catgirls in general. Examples of cat-eared people that do not clearly fall under this trope or Feline Femme Fatale should be listed on the Cat Girl page.


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