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Spaceships are for the Weak!

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In any given Space Opera setting, it's generally agreed the protagonists will need a Cool Ship or even just the Alleged Spaceship, in order to properly get from Planetville to Planet Eris to the Single-Biome Planet and back again, while stopping over at the Planet of Hats for a nice Feldora.

Not this guy.

Through whatever Hand Waved method, the character or thing described by this trope can Skip from Earth to Alpha-Centuri with the greatest of ease, not even needing a Spaceship to get from planet A to B. Naturally, this trope is related to Batman Can Breathe in Space, Causal Intersteller Travel and Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale, although this is a given as most characters capable of this have won the Superpower Lottery anyway.

People that use Open-air Spacecraft, or Teleporters And Transporters to travel through space DO NOT apply for this trope. People that fly into space on their own power, or after being launched, without a spaceship, DO.

Examples include:

Needs more Examples.

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