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Hot-Blooded Torture
Torture performed in anger, hatred, impulsively, emotionally.
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Cold-Blooded Torture is remarkable because the Torture Technician is eerily detached from the pain and horror they're inflicting, it's often Nothing Personal, and so on.

Hot Blooded Torture is like a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, except we're past (or skipped) the actual fight part, and now the torturer is beating the crap off, or otherwise inflicting horrible pain on, a helpless victim. They're not doing it with detachment; they're furious, they're hateful, and it's not even the Tranquil Fury type, it's the sort where they're screaming at you, red in the face.

If the torturer is an authority figure or otherwise intended to come off as a good guy, it can overlap with Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique.


Anime and Manga
  • Downplayed Trope in Kill la Kill: Ragyo isn't beating her daughter up particularly hard, but she makes it up by imbuing it with massive sexual abuse, and it's clear that she's very enthusiastic about it and having the time of her life. On the other hand, Ira Gamagoori's BDSM-themed scourgings of his enemies would easily count as this if they didn't happen within the context of battles.
  • In Black Lagoon, when Roberta the Ninja Maid tortures a CIA operative complicit in the assassination of her late employer (to whom she had a very strong emotional attachment) for information on the whereabouts of his other accomplices, it is obvious how much she hates the guy and how much she enjoys every moment of his agony.

Comic Books
  • A Punisher story set in the aftermath of The Troubles has a guy mention that no, it wasn't necessary to take a power drill to a guy's kneecaps over a dozen times, but in the heat of the moment it was just the thing to do. The Punisher in general enjoys torturing his enemies, whether in cold or hot blood, and regardless of whether it's for information or for punishment.
  • Downplayed Trope, during the "Homeschooling" arc of Runaways, Chase makes of point of deliberately keeping Klara upset because he's angry that she survived an explosion that killed his beloved Old Lace. After Klara gets so wound up that Nico resorts to magic to try and calm her down, Chase regrets his actions and later tries to cheer Klara up.

Film Live Action
  • In The Dark Knight, when Batman beats the crap out of The Joker for that vital information, it's pretty obvious that he's being emotional and is not using any kind of technique or finesse, as the Joker helpfully points out.
  • At the climax of the film Hannibal Rising, Hannibal intends to kill a man he has been chasing for the entire film. But after the man taunts Hannibal with facts they share from their past, Hannibal goes into a rage of hate and self-loathing and begins to inflict serious bodily harm to his victim before killing him.
  • In The Princess Bride, Torture Technician Count Rugen was applying Cold-Blooded Torture on Wesley. When Wesley taunts Prince Humperdnick, the latter turns the torture device on maximum setting, very painfully sucking the life out of Wesley, and ruining Rugen's experiments. There was nothing cold-blooded or premeditated about this action: it was pure, impulsive wrath.
  • In The Robe Demetrius' the slave-valet of the Roman Noble Marcellus is so angry at a sexual assault on a woman he had made friends with that instead of knocking him unconscious, he goes out of his way to make the fight last as long as possible to hurt him some more.
  • Downplayed Trope in Star Wars. Darth Vader will slowly choke the life out of you in sheer, impulsive anger, but it is an anger that runs cold, and is full of contempt.

  • In the heat of the moment, Harry Potter at various times attempts the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix Lestrange, Severus Snape, and Amycus Carrow. Subverted in that it never really worked for him, said curse needs a certain measure of calculated intent.
    Bellatrix: You need to really want to cause pain... to enjoy it... righteous anger won't hurt me for long....

Live-Action TV
  • In Gang Related's episode "Pilot", one of the Long Beach Lords gangsters in Los Angelicoss captivity insults Javier Acosta by calling him a Mexican "cockroach". Javier calmly tells him that he is a cockroach, but has his hand on a meat cleaver. The episode implied that Javier personally killed the gangster for insulting his ethnic origin.
  • In The Shield, the protagonist beats up a child molester with a phonebook for the info on where he had hidden a little girl, who was locked and starving. He's not cold-blooded at all about it; the beat-down is brutal and vicious.
  • In Tyrant, Jamal furiously beats up the uncle of a suspected terrorist after the guy keeps accepting Jamal's bribes without actually doing anything to prevent the nephew's plans to bomb Jamal's son's wedding. He even attempts to cut the uncle's fingers off in sheer anger. Given that this happens right after a Furo Scene, he ends up losing his towel in the process, and is too angry to care. It is not funny.
  • In one episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Stabler is asked by a judge to visit a prolific child rapist and murderer in prison and put pressure on him to get him to reveal what he did to the judge's long-missing son. Unfortunately, the rapist never touched the judge's kid, and had only given the judge the impression that he had in order to screw with the poor guy's head. Not realizing that the aging bastard doesn't know anything, Eliot grabs the old man's oxygen tube and squeezes it, hoping that the fear of oxygen starvation will loosen his tongue.

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