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Your Parenting Sucks Speech
Someone OTHER THAN their child calls out a parent for being a crappy parent
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Calling the Old Man Out can be a hell of a thing to a parent. When your child points out all your flaws as a parent and gives you no choice but to confront them, it can have all kinds of effects, depending on what sort of parent we're talking about.

When someone else (whether they're close to you or not) comes up one day when you're wondering why your kids have gone so wrong and essentially says "Because you did a shitty job raising them", it can be just as harsh if not more so.


  • In The Wire, Brianna Barksdale talks her son D'Angelo into Taking the Heat for his drug kingpin uncle Avon, because Avon's activities provide for their entire family and without it they would have nothing. Later, after D'Angelo is killed in prison, (and his killer makes it look like D'Angelo killed himself) McNulty tries to figure out who did it and starts by going to D'Angelo's girlfriend. When Brianna hears about this and confronts McNulty, she demands to know why he didn't come to her. McNulty's response is devastating.
    Honestly? I was looking for someone who cared about the kid. I mean, like I said, you were the one who made him take those years, right?
  • In Caprica, (a tie-in to Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined)), corporate executive/computer whiz Daniel Graystone is called out on the neglectful parenting of himself and his wife after his daughter's death by what is essentially a digital copy of her.
  • Played for Laughs in Dragon Ball Abridged. During the special dealing with Bardock, (Goku's father) after Goku is born a medic tries to encourage Bardock to actually spend some time with Goku. Bardock is pretty blase about the idea, noting that he never bothered to do that with his other son, Raditz. "Yeah, and look how Raditz turned out" the medic replies acidly. Cue an immediate cut to Bardock spending time with Goku.
  • During book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire, Queen Regent Cersei Lannister asks her uncle Kevan to become Hand of the King to her son, Tommen. Kevan reluctantly agrees, on the conditions that Cersei leave the capital, stop trying to use Tommen as her Puppet King, and leave Tommen to be raised by better people than her. When Cersei angrily refuses to let her son be taken from her, Kevan says that from what he saw of Joffrey (Cersei's now dead psychotic Royal Brat oldest son) Cersei is nearly as unfit to raise children as she is to rule.
  • At one point in Transmetropolitan, Spider does an extended story about children voluntarily entering into child prostitution. When he interviews a social worker about it, the social worker comments that ironically it's not because most of those children came from poor backgrounds, it's just that society and the parents of these kids are completely neglectful and ignorant, and have trained these kids to see anything, including themselves as commodities to be traded. "Why are our kids doing this? Because we fucked them up, that's why." If anything, Spider amplifies that message in his column.
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