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Baritone Rocker
A vocalist in a rock genre singing with a relatively low voice
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Up for Grabs, perhaps Needs a Better Title? Rock and heavy metal listeners have a thing for high-pitched male vocals - around 90% of singers in the genre have (or pretend to have, using strong, reinforced falsetto) tenor voices, while less than a third of the male population operate in that register.

Baritone Rocker isn't a part of this majority, deciding not to pretend to be someone he's not (or perhaps not being skilled enough to pull it off) - high notes are heard occasionally, and certainly aren't the thing that the singer's style is known for.

  • The trope isn't exclusive to baritone singers - the bass ones (although they seem to be nonexistent) also qualify, and there may also be some examples of tenor singers who fit to this trope.
  • Not every singer with a natural baritone register qualifies for the trope - for example Axl Rose and Rob Halford are disqualified because their styles rely on falsetto.
  • Growling vocalists shouldn't qualify, because in the genre it's more or less a standard, while this trope is meant to contain exceptions.


  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Jim Morrison
  • Eddie Turner, American bluesman fronting his solo act
  • Omar Kent Dykes - singer of the bluesrock band Omar & The Howlers
  • Glenn Danzig, founding member of The Misfits and the man behind the heavy metal act Danzig
  • ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons
  • James Hetfield of Metallica
  • Ville Valo of HIM
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