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Indispensable Jerkass
The guy who can get away with sassing the Boss because he's too talented to dispose of

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The Boss runs a tight ship and has little patience for funny business. No one DARES give the Boss a hard time. However, there's one person on the team who is so talented, so irreplaceable, they get away with behavior that would get anyone else fired, MakeAnExampleOutofThem or worse. Often a bunny-ears lawyer who is so into their work they simply don't give a damn. When working for a Bad Boss, is likely to be subjected to You Have Outlived Your Usefullness.


The mad scientist from Aachi & Ssipak. The Bad Boss is known to execute underlings for talking back, but grudgingly tolerates his incredibly rude behavior.

Boba Fett from Star Wars, the only character who has talked back to Darth Vader and lived.

Architect Vladimir Semyonov, Joseph Stalin's master planner, would grab Stalin's elbow when Stalin would try to remove a model of St Basil's Cathedral.
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