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Prisoner Prologue
You just got out of prison, and at the same time you learned how to play this game!
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Basically, you were thrown in jail/are being led to your execution/have just been caught by the police. Now, you're trying to break out/get away from them/have been released. And the tutorial is here to help.

This is my first YKTTW, so I guess that's it for a description. Now for an example!

  • In The Elder Scrolls, save for daggerfall (I don't know how the first game begins), you are a prisoner and have just been released, complete with documents, in Morrowind, escaped from jail with the help of the emperor himself in Oblivion, and from your execution with the help of a dragon and either an imperial soldier or a member of a rebellion in Skyrim. Right after both of these you start the tutorial. The very embodiment of this trope.
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