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Bland Heroes, Cool Villains
The villains of a work are more interesting and memorable than the heroes.
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This is a Subjective Trope (or, Your Mileage May Vary).

Simply put, the villains of any given work are far more interesting, more memorable, individually unique, and may oftentimes look better and have better lines and scenes; whereas the heroes are pretty dull, and oftentimes you can't tell one hero apart from another aside from them not sharing the same name.

This often happens in Western Animation, particularly many works from The80s and The90s, but other media aren't exempted.

The reasons for this? In many instances, time is spent on actually giving the villains their own individual quirks and tics, while not as much time is spent on the heroes' back-stories to make them even slightly memorable. Sometimes, this may happen because a villain is portrayed as sympathetic or well-meaning in his goals, whereas heroes are more cut-and-dry than that.

Expect works with Black and White Morality to have this (though it's not a definite rule).


  • COPS suffers from this, with the villains being more diverse, more colorful, and having thematic names that stand out more than their heroic titular counterparts.
  • SilverHawks also has this, as while the members of Mon*Star's mob are colorful and have definite personalities that get delved into whenever they're shown in an episode, the Silverhawks themselves are...well, not too developed at first beyond being described as aces in their respective fields. The heroes become a bit more diverse and deep personality-wise in later episodes with the introduction of the newer Silverhawks to join forces with the original Five-Man Band.

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