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Autopsy Snack Time
A mortician, coroner, or other character who deals with dead bodies will snack while doing so
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Just as Vomiting Cop can demonstrate that someone in law enforcement isn't (yet) jaded about gory death, this trope shows just how jaded someone who works with dead bodies can get. Whether they're a Creepy Mortician showing an abnormal indifference to morbidity, or The Coroner whose mid-autopsy noshing is being Played for Laughs, expect all but the most sober of works to show people in the funerary trades munching sandwiches or french fries, or at least sipping coffee, while they've got a body on the slab.

Definitely not Truth in Television, as fleshy human remains are always classified as biohazardous material, and even bringing food near them in a sealed container is a violation of laboratory or funeral-parlor protocol. Nor would a real-life medical examiner want to risk contaminating the body, which may be evidence of a homicide.

Compare Cavalier Consumption, Pass the Popcorn.


  • In one episode of Supernatural, the Gabester, a Reality Warper with a notorious sweet tooth, has trapped Sam and Dean in a CSI: Miami parody. while explaining the found body to the two "Horatio Caine"s, he or rather, his double slurps on a lollipop the whole time.

  • One of the coroners in Taggart would do this, popped up in Inspector Morse once or twice too.

  • There's a cell-phone service commercial in which a morgue worker's breakfast burrito falls into the cadaver he's working on, and he blithely picks it up and continues eating it. "What, you think this is wrong? What's wrong is paying too much for cell phone service."

  • I'm pretty sure that Coroner Rick does this on Stroker and Hoop.

  • In Gone In 60 Seconds, the character Sphinx is working as a coroner and puts his sandwich down on a cadaver's chest to answer the phone.

  • Doc Proutie from the Ellery Queen novels was known to do this.

  • There's an episode of Psych where the creepy coroner is eating a bag of chips while preforming an autopsy.

  • The low-budget horror flick Street Trash has one scene that takes place in a morgue, and the coroner is, in fact, munching away at a box of Chinese food while talking with the cops.
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