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Disney Evil

The bad guys want to steal everyone\'s happiness Forthe Evulz.

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In most fiction, as in reality, "bad guys" do the things they do for many different reasons. Cold-hearted CE Os are polluting the lake because it's cheaper than disposing of the waste in other ways, not because they actively are trying to destroy the environment. Politicians can pass destructive laws because they're misinformed or pandering, not because they actually want to cause problems or destroy lives.

This trope isn't any of that. This is a type of unambiguously evil villain's plan where the goal of the antagonists, not just by the hero's perception but even by the villain's own admission, is to do something that has no other purpose than to cause misery.

Examples can be found in many Disney plots, but really in most young childhood fiction, where the bad guy gleefully cackles about how they will "steal everyone's happy endings," or DESTROY CHRISTMAS.

If Forthe Evulz is the motivation, Disney Evil is the plan.


Dragonball Z Abridged, Christmas Special.

Every badguy from Captain Planet.

New ABC show Once Upona Time, the evil witch's stated plan.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz is this trope incarnate. He might have a token motive, like making a profit, getting petty revenge or trying to take over the tri-state area!!, but really, he just seems to have this idea that whatever he does has to be evil somehow.
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