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Random Access Index
Tropes about things done at random.
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Noticed this was missing in a Lost and Found query.

Rolling Updates, Needs a Better Description

[[folder:Version Demonstrating Self-]] Index Improvised see Tropes Probability also.

Self-demonstrating for help the version to with thanks Random.org.

Name random to be any that order RAM, in access memory for data science or a memory stored accessed allows the computer terminology play required on is.


"Might roll you never 20 a know, I."

Involving index forth about things tropes random and so an actions, of numbers. [[/folder]]

[[folder:Plain English Version]]

"You never know, I might roll a 20."

An index of tropes about things involving random actions, numbers, and so forth.

The name is a play on random access memory or RAM, computer science terminology for memory that allows stored data to be accessed in any order required.

See also Improvised Index and Probability Tropes.

Thanks to Random.org for help with the self-demonstrating version. [[/folder]]


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