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I checked Animal Tropes, and the closest thing seemed to be Panthera Awesome.

Lions, with their huge manes and rather majestic appearance, have been considered the king of beasts since time immemorial. As with many cultural memes, this has found its way into fiction.

If exotic animals play a major part in a story, it's likely that lions will be in a position of power or authority. They might command all the other animals, or just the carnivores, or even just the felines. They might not have any real authority, but the other animals (except possibly the tigers) will pay them due respect.

Alternatively, if there's a group of different animal heroes, it's common to see a lion as the leader or commander.
  • Happens every so often in Transformers. Generation 1 had the Predacons, whose leader, Razorclaw, had a mechanical lion for an altmode. Beast Wars II gave us Lio Convoy, another lion, an leader of the series' Maximals.
  • In Fire Emblem Tellius, it's the Lion Clan of Laguz that rule Gallia. The lions are also the strongest of the beast tribe.
  • Leomon is a leader of the good Digimon in, well, Digimon. He even has an attack called 'Fist of the Beast King'.
  • In Werewolf: the Apocalypse, the Simba, or werelions, claim authority over all the Bastet (though most Bastet would rather follow the Khan, or tiger tribe).
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