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Finishing with a flourish
Ending an ordinary activity with a dramatic gesture
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A character is doing something relatively ordinary. They may be writing a letter, playing piano, or maybe engaging in some Rapid-Fire Typing. When they finish what they're doing they do so with a bit of emphasis. This could mean slamming down the last key or two while typing, hitting the last note extra hard, or extending the final pen stroke to the point that their hand waves in the air. Whatever they do, it's to make it extra clear that they're finished with what they're doing, at least for now.

When done as part of Hollywood Hacking it can signal a triumphant finish. Occasionally accompanied by an audible, "Voila!" or "Bingo, We're in".

When something less mundane is finished with a flourish its usually a Finishing Move.


Anime and Manga
  • Hanaukyō Maid Tai, 2nd season La Verite episode 8. Grace is typing on a computer keyboard, trying to defeat an intruding hacker. After finishing a series of keystrokes she says "O.K., gotcha!" and dramatically stabs down to press a key. She does it again in episode 9.
  • Death Note: Seen almost every time Light writes anything.
  • Bakuman。: Eiji uses this constantly when drawing; it's almost his Stock Pose.

  • GoldenEye: Happens. (anyone familiar with this film who can give more context?)
  • Running Man: The hero signs a contract on a lawyer's back - and uses the pen to pin the document there.
  • Star Trek The Voyage Home: Scotty does this after typing.
  • Office Space: The typing version is seen a couple of times.
  • TRON (original): After the MCP has appropriated CLU (not that one), Flynn tries to execute some more commands. While not shown on-screen, the final keystroke occurs after a slight pause and is much more forceful than the previous ones.

  • This is a very common trope with piano performances both classical and modern.
  • Mark Russell (pianist/PBS musical satirist) used to do this at the end of all his songs.

[[AC:Real Life]
  • Paraphs at the ends of signatures are a visual equivalent (which had the additional purpose of guarding against forgery).
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