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As a rule, female superheroes all have one thing in common - the Most Common Superpower. As She-Hulk puts it, "Do you think anyone reads these comics for the stories?" Your favourite superheroine will without a doubt have a rack the size of Mount Olympus. And that's fine. But then The Movie comes out, and she's flat as a board. This may be due to many things.

1. They wanted a well-known actress for the part. She just happened to lack the endowments of the character she's based on. 2. Attempting to reach the mass and improbable perkiness of the comic character would by physically impossible, so they simply didn't try.

  • The unbelievably busty Nancy Callahan from Sin City was portrayed on the big screen by the more realistically endowed Jessica Alba.
  • Mary Jane Watson, curvy love intrest of Spider-Man was played by Kirsten Dunst.
  • Subverted in My Super Ex Girlfriend, in which one of G-Girls changes when she becomes super-powered is the gaining of a considerably larger bust.
  • A Cavewoman series titled Cavewoman:The Movie, played this for (semi)laughs, as the actress set to play Cavewoman was a few cup sizes short of her comic book counterpart, and didn't she know it.
  • The Tomb Raider films. In the video games, Lara Croft's breasts are exceedingly (possibly physics-defyingly) generous. In the films, Angelina Jolie is padded out to a C-cup.
  • With her thin, WAS Pish looks, Jennifer Garner as Elektra in Dare Devil.
  • Anna Paquin as Rogue in X-Men.
  • From the same film, Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
  • Utterly and gloriously defied with the film adaptation of Barb Wire, which had Pamela Anderson in the lead role.
  • Played dead straight in Batman & Robin with both Bat Girl and Poison Ivy.
  • Both played straight and inverted with Watch Men. Silk Spectre II, who was, in the comics, a very chesty character is played by Malin Ackerman in the film. Lets just say her nude scenes don't help. Silk Spectre I on the other hand is played by Carla Gugino and may actually be bustier than the comic book character.
  • The Resident Evil films have this in spades.

Seen It a Million Times, and to be fair it's SO common I'm tired of hearing fan-boys complain about to me.
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