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Taboo Fetish
A character finds something or someone sexy, attractive or desireable simply because it is taboo.

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A character finds something or someone sexy, attractive or desireable simply because it is taboo.

In some cases, the character might even play Moral Guardian and try to make things taboo - so that he may revel in it's forbiddeness: A character with a Taboo Fetish is likely to see anything forbidden as Forbidden Fruit, and even make widely accepted "fruit" forbidden so that he may "steal" it. Note however that a Forbidden Fruit may be desirable even if no Taboo Fetish is involved.

When racist values forbids a Mixed Marriage, this trope can easily overlap with Race Fetish.


Anime and Manga
  • Played metaphysically with Azaka's character in Kara no Kyoukai. Every character in the series has an "origin", i.e. an abstract concept their personalities derive from entirely, and Azaka's origin is "taboo". As such, she is happily in love with her own brother because Brother-Sister Incest is just that.

  • In Prelude to Foundation, this trope is discussed after a woman from a society where each person is depilated at adolescence shows sexual interest in a foreigner's hair (it is claimed later she was pretending, but the truth is unknown).

Live-Action TV
  • In an episode of Friends, Ross and the student he's dating learn he isn't allowed to date his students. This is the effect that has on her.
  • The "Mouse Problem" Monty Python sketch has psychiatrist/magician The Amazing Kargol making this same argument about the appeal of pretending to be a mouse. Then he says it's the same with murder and arson.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • In one Futurama episode a one shot character named Morgan Proctor falls for Fry simply because her fellow bureaucrats are obsessively clean and careful people, and Fry is a lazy slob.
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