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Slut, Jock, Brain, Fool, Virgin
The teens that die in a horror flick follow these standard roles.
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Just as adventure shows and school settings have specific, numbered groups that tend to obey set roles, the teens in a horror or slasher film tend to follow these standard archetypes:


  • The Trope Codifier, The Cabin in the Woods explicitly identified the trope as a trend that runs through horror stories. It also conversed and invoked the trope - the characters did not necessarily fulfill the roles normally but were forced into them by agents behind the scenes.
    • The Slut: Jules was given hairdye laced with drugs to reduce her intelligence and raise her libido.
    • The Jock: Curt was a sociology scholarship student who began the film advising the man character on textbook choice, but drugs turned him into the required "alpha male."
    • The Scholar: Holden began the film by catching a football, but after treatment, he was spouting Latin that he'd thought he'd long forgotten and was called "the egghead."
    • The Fool: Marty, a funny stoner. His weed actually helped him resist the treatment and unexpectedly helped him maintain his intelligence.
    • The Virgin: Dana is introduced sans pants and has just got over an affair with a professor, but she's soon blushing about having "never done anything like this before" when treated to Hodlen's advances.
  • Altitude:
    • The Slut: Mel, caught in a love triangle with Cory and Sal
    • The Jock: Sal, who bullies Bruce and acts like a jerk.
    • The Scholar: Bruce, comic-book reader and creepy stalker-guy
    • The Fool: Cory, who, of course, dies first
    • The Virgin: Sara, the cool-headed one
  • Return of the Living Dead, the group that goes into the cemetery to meet their friend:
    • Slut: Trash, who spends most of the movie without any clothes on
    • Jock: Suicide, the jerk
    • Brain: Chuck, the nerdy one
    • Fool: Token Minority Spider
    • Virgin: Tina
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