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Adaptation Name Change
The same character has a change in first name, last name or both between adaptations. (Description could be better)
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Alice Andrews in the books becomes Alice Allen in The Movie then Annie Adams in The Series.

This is when a character has a name change between adaptations. This can be their first name, last name or both.

This trope came to mind when I read the Sudden Name Change YKTTW entry, but that trope is about name changes in the same series.

The key to this trope is that between adaptations, the character must clearly be the same. If they are a Suspiciously Similar Substitute or a Composite Character, then this trope does not apply.

This is very common in foreign adaptations, where names are changed to either reflect the local culture, or to give the show its own identity.

This trope only applies when the adaptation is in the same language as the original. When a character's name changes in a translation, that's Dub Name Change.

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