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Empathic Environment as a passive superpower
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Mi-Ho: If it rained on clear day like this, I would have to cry. The reason they call rain on a clear day "fox rain" is because it's raining when I cry.

A person Raised By Muggles thinks it's merely coincidence that "whenever it rains they cry." When actually, they've got it backwards.

The character can generate not just a personal raincloud when they get depressed, but a town-wide, region-wide, or nationwide rain. Either they are seldom unhappy or just never make the connection.

Of course rain isn't the only manifestation, and this makes it very easy to read their feelings. For example: happy (sunny), sadness/upset (rain), acting happy (cloudy), hiding something (fog), angry (thunder), afraid/lonely (snow), bored (bland weather).

Like Fertile Feet, it's usually a strong sign that there's something different about them. Of course, believing they are normal, are completely unaware of the fact that those two are connected, or reverse they association between raining and crying. Likely candidates are a Friend to All Living Things, a God in Human Form, a Nature Spirit, or an Angel Unaware, all of which either were never outright told of their origins, adopted by humans and allowed to believe they were one, or somehow forgot.

Compare and contrast Fisher King, which is basically about the ruler dramatically influencing their land, including weather.

A subtrope of Power Of The Storm, but where control is unconscious and emotional. Also possibly a subtrope of Divine Parentage, as it is one of the tell-tale signs (along with Fertile Feet) of otherworldliness before more active powers surface.


  • Men In Black II has a race of good aliens, one of which was left to grow up on Earth. K asks her if it rains when she cries. She's about to say this happens to everyone, but then he points out it always rains when she cries.

  • At the beginning of Circle of Magic, before being convinced she has weather magic and being taught how to use it, Trisana Chandler has this. Her resentment and annoyance at her situation causes a tree to be spontaneously struck by lightning early on in the story and her backstory is full of similar incidents.
  • In So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Arthur meets Rob McKinna, who unbeknownst to himself is a rain god. Wherever he is it's always raining, which ticks him off no end.

Live Action TV
  • In Korean series My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox, Mi-Ho has this ability on account of her being a supernatural creature, as a nine-tailed fox. This is a likely Trope Namer, since she explains the very thing just prior to being left stranded on a boat and crying her eyes out, triggering a massive sunshower. It's also the name of a song for the show.
  • An episode of The X-Files revolved around a guy whose mood controlled the weather in a certain radius around him. At the climax of the episode, he almost causes a nationwide disaster due to his anxiety of asking a woman he likes out. Ultimately, however, the two of them end up Happily Married, ensuring constant paradisaical weather around their home.
  • An episode of My Parents Are Aliens has Brian zap himself and ends up gaining the power the change the weather in the house depending on how he feels. If he's happy, the temperature goes up. If he's unhappy it goes down.

Video Games
  • Mallow in Super Mario RPG was raised by frogs, and not only does not ever seem to connect the fact that his emotions cause the weather, but doesn't seem to realize that he looks nothing like a frog.

  • The Cyantian Chronicles: Before it was confirmed that he had weather powers, it rained whenever Vin felt particularly sad. When he heard his mother was dead it poured for days, so badly that the Centralis discs had to be rearranged to prevent soil erosion.

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