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Hollywood Prostitution

The overly-romanticized or otherwise unrealistic portrayal of sex work in media.

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Prostitution in media tends to be presented in ways even less realistic than other aspects of life. This comes in a few flavors:

Unrealistic appearances : casting extremely attractive people in the roles. Regular streetwalkers will look like supermodels and on the rare occasion a male prostitute is present, he'll be a Mr Fanservice turned up to eleven. In real life, this kind of life tends to get in the way of manicure and healthy workouts.

Life of luxury and parties : sex workers will be presented as living an eternal party, happily boozing and having sex all the time. This is especially common in depiction of brothels, where happy giggles can be heard 24/7 and everyone has a great time. In real life, some sex workers enjoy what they do, but for the most part, prostitution is not much different than getting raped and then paid for it. (A subset of this is the idea that hookers know 'secret tricks' that somehow make sex so much better, and that they love it so much. Actually, most sex workers develop a healthy dose of disinterest and/or loathing for the deed.)

All hookers have hearts of gold : or at least are all sassy, self-reliant street smart life-savvy cynical and tough ladies. This conveniently omits the fact that these sweet, caring hookers are paid to be so, as opposed to other people whose caring you have to earn, and that the street savvy smartasses could probably qualify for some other job if they tried.

Feminist hookers : sometimes writers will try to pass their hookers as free, self-reliant, strong women who can fend for themselves and are actually more 'liberated' than those who don't sell their bodies. Apparently being only able to make money with one's biological and sexual functions means a woman is tough and strong.

Needless to say, in real life things tend to be quite different.

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