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Sporting the Straitjacket
Straitjackets worn as everyday clothing.
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Straitjackets were originally used to restrain asylum patients and prevent them from harming themselves and others. Since the improvement in psychiatric wards and medicine, today they are mostly worn by escape artists and trick-or-treaters. When a character decides to wear one as everyday clothes, it may indicate that he or she may not be right in the head. It may mean someone is making a statement. It may mean too much television. It may not even be a true straitjacket, just something reminiscent with unusually long sleeves and many straps.

Can start with Shipped in Shackles, where the restraints are there for a reason, but the person chooses to keep them as a fashion statement.

Related to Too Many Belts and Institutional Apparel.


  • Akito from Air Gear
  • C.C. from Code Geass
  • Flamberge, the 'silver biblioprincess' from Bibliotheca Mystica De Dantalian wears a strait jacket all the time for fashion purposes, presumably.
  • Jukai in Outlaw Star always wears a straitjacket with spikes on its back and prefers hanging upside-down from the ceiling. He takes it off to get into battle.
  • One Piece's Caribou has what, at the very least, seems intended to evoke a straight jacket, extra long sleeves and all. It helps that he looks crazy.
  • In the manga Trigun Maximum chapter 2 of volume 2, Legato is wearing one.

-Live Action TV

-Video Games
  • Dr. Loboto and Fred Bonaparte from Psychonauts.
  • Master Albert's original body in Mega Man ZX Advent is only seen wearing a straitjacket after appearing on the scene. Albert finally removes it right before he Megamerges with Model W for the final battle of the game.
  • Nero from Dirge of Cerberus wears a straightjacket-like suit that hold his arms still (he can use some sort of mechanical wings as a second pair of hands when required.)

-Western Animation

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