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CCG Importance Dissonance
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One of the funny little things about Collectible Card Games based off a preexisting source is how they tend to magnify the importance of power of certain things from the original source material because they need a sizable amount of cards for a set.

In short, when things that are not important at all become important in the CCG. For example, say character A is incredibly powerful and respected, and a major character. Character B is a minor character that really gets about 1 line in the enitre series before being promptly killed off. In the CCG adaption, Character A gets an okay card just 'cause, while character B gets a ridiculous card just 'cause.

In a different version of the trope, while Character A that gets an okay card is important, Character B is equally important, but is substantially weaker, yet winds up getting a better card.

Seen It a Million Times, but can't think of that many specific examples.

  • In the Naruto CCG, There are various filler Ninjas that are staples in some decks, such as Suein.
    • In a case of type two of the Naruto CCG, the second most powerful card ever printed was the Third Hokage, often revered as perhaps the strongest ninja the leaf village ever produced, who dies in an epic battle by summoning the god of death to defeat his opponent,. The first? Ino Yamanaka, a low-level genin that does almost nothing in all of part 1.
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