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Step One, You Die

The story begins with the death of the protagonist

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Being a hero is a tough job. You must go through various ordeals, it can break you psychologically and the death rate is pretty high.

But there are also cases where dying is just the beginning of the troubles. Not only will the protagonist die, their death will actually be where the story takes off, and occur within the first few chapters.

What the character will become will of course vary, but you can bet he will acquire some kind of power and discover a new, dangerous world in the afterlife.


  • Gantz begins with the main character Kurono and his friend Katō, being run over by a train while trying to help a bum. They wake up in a room with other dead people, where they are given weapons and suits to fight monsters.
  • The first story and starting point of Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni has the weak-willed Marie Moriya bullied by her classmates and raped by her homeroom teacher on a daily basis. After meeting a yōkai (the titular Higanbana), she tries to rebel against her teacher; it fails. Horribly. She is strangled to death and reduced to a pitiful sobbing ghost. However, when meeting again with her murderer and receiving a harsh lecture from him, she finally manages to kill him and become the yōkai Mesomeso.
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