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Hard-To-Light Fire
Lighting things on fire becomes much more difficult if the heroes' lives depend on it
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Even the simplest tasks can prove all but impossible if it builds drama to delay their completion. Fleeing victims drop the keys to their intended shelter; cars that worked fine five minutes ago will perversely refuse to start; merely running across level ground will prove more than the pursued can handle.

And fuses, trails of powder, bonfires or explosive gases never, ever light when you need them. Matches get dropped or blow out, and lighters spark in vain, their butane exhausted. An unprepared would-be pyro may even remember everything they need to start a blaze, except the means of ignition. Whether it's necessary to incinerate the monster, blow up the villains' Doomsday Device, kindle a campfire to avoid freezing to death, or even go out in a literal blaze of glory, no fire in fiction ignites easily if Rule of Drama is better served by it refusing to do so.

Sister trope to Oops I Dropped The Keys and My Car Hates Me. Cigar Fuse Lighting and Couldn't Find a Lighter both subvert this trope via Rule of Cool. Played straight in many a Kids Wilderness Epic or Horrible Camping Trip.


Anime & Manga
  • In The Castle of Cagliostro, Lupin III is trying to light a rocket but has a lot of difficulty with his lighter. He eventually drops the rocket and has to long-jump over the towers manually.

Film - Animated
  • Toy Story. When Woody and Buzz need to catch up with the truck carrying the other toys away, Woody pulls out a match to light the firework attached to Buzz's back. He lights the match - which is then blown out by a passing car. Luckily he discovers that Buzz's plastic helmet can act like a glass lens and concentrate sunlight to light the firework's fuse.
  • In Disney's Mulan, during the battle with the Huns, Mulan is trying to light the last firework but her she drops her match. She eventually resorts to using Mushu's dragon breath to light it at the last second.
  • Sid the sloth has mixed success in starting a fire in Ice Age. His first effort by rubbing sticks is pathetic. His second effort, rubbing flint against stone, produces sparks that ignite kindling.

Film - Live Action
  • In Tremors, Val and Earl forget to bring the lighter when they run for the cliff with the last pipe-bomb, forcing Rhonda to join them in running for the edge.
  • In The Fifth Element, the fate of Earth depends on lighting the last match the heroes have left. It's as dramatic as it sounds.
  • At the beginning of Journey to the Center of the Earth (the 2008 movie), the adventurers accidentally ignite magnesium in a cave wall when lighting a flare next to it. At the end of the film, they try to trigger a magnesium explosion with flares, but it's harder because the wall is wet.
  • The Expendables 2: Gunner tries to get around a cave-in by setting a phosphorus torch alight (he was a chemical engineer before he became a mercenary). However, the explosive fails, and Gunnar notes it must have been damp, just in time for Mauser to drill through the cave-in.
  • Arguably the whole fire-making subplot in Cast Away. Here it's not so much that the fire would be hard to make, but the protagonist just has no implements to do so, meaning he has to figure out the secret of fire without modern inventions like matches or a lighter. When he finally manages it with the stone-age technique of rubbing two pieces of wood together until they heat up enough to create a flame, he creates a huge bonfire just for the sake of it, showing that he finally is becoming acquainted with his situation on the lonely island.
  • In Skyline, one character turns on the gas in his kitchen, puts a cigarette to his lips, and prepares to blow up his apartment when the approaching alien Tanker reaches in through the window. However, when he actually tries to light it, his lighter fails. It does work after he's been stabbed by the Tanker, though.
  • In Cowboys and Aliens, after climbing up a long way to an opening in the alien ship, they drop the matches with which they were supposed to light the fuse to the explosives. Fortunately one of the guys still had a lit cigar in his mouth.

  • Jack London's short story "To Build a Fire" (1908). A man in the Yukon tries to build a fire in -75 degree Fahrenheit weather. He fails, which eventually causes his death by freezing.
  • The Mysterious Island: after the heroes are washed up on a desert island, one finds he has a still-dry match. He's afraid to use it, as he's certain he'll scratch it too hard, wasting it. Later they figure out how to light fires with a magnifying glass.
  • The protagonist of John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice attempts this in "The Burning Bridge" on the titular structure, is successful but is captured and later enslaved by the Proud Warrior Race Guys.
  • In the Earth's Children series both Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal people know how to make fire but it's a long, tedious process involving rubbing two sticks together. The Neanderthals find it easier to just carry a burning coal everywhere they go. Ayla discovers making sparks using flint & iron pyrite, which makes making fire magically easy.
  • This comes up a few times in The Hobbit when Gandalf isn't around to help them (usually to help make it clear how uncomfortable Bilbo is). One of the dwarves is noted as being particularly good at lighting fires but still unable to succeed.

Live-Action Television
  • Wilderness-survival programs like Dual Survival often play it for drama when their hosts' attempts to get a campfire started aren't immediately successful.
  • Mythbusters has confronted this trope several times, when their attempts to light up a Powder Trail, pooled gasoline, methane-filled outhouse or the like have failed repeatedly.
  • Supernatural has both straight and meta-examples: As salting and burning the remains are their go-to method for getting rid of ghosts, most episodes have the heroes lighting at least one fire. It's usually easy, but in the episode at the Supernatural convention, cosplayers have to actually act as the ghost hunters they're dressed as. Among other problems, they have difficulty getting their lighter to light and comment that Dean never has this problem.
    • Then in the outtakes, they use that scene to preface a whole lot of clips of Dean's actor failing to get his lighter to light.
  • In the first Doctor Who serial "An Unearthly Child" the Doctor and his companions go back to One Million B.C. and visit a small tribe of cavemen. The leader of the tribe is the leader because he is the only one who knows how to make fire. Ian says that in his tribe (i.e. the Doctor and companions) the firemaker is the least important man.
  • Arrow: In a scene taking place on the island, Oliver is being taught how to survive by Slade Wilson, who watches Oliver as he vainly rubs two sticks together. Oliver says (paraphrased) "if you're so great why don't you make the fire?!" So Wilson pulls out a zippo.
  • In an episode of Gilligan's Island Gilligan has a very few waterproof matches, which will come in handy if they get waterlogged. But when time comes to build a fire he can't; Gilligan wasted all the matches on testing them.

Video Games
  • Lighting a fire is actually a minigame in the survival game series Lost in Blue.
  • Simply finding the materials to light a fire is a common challenge in many inventory-based casual games.

Western Animation
  • Played for Laughs in an episode of Family Guy Cookie Monster is in rehab and the second he goes into a bathroom stall he pulls out cookie dough and screams '''light! light! light!" (While trying, and failing to bake them with a lighter).

Real Life
  • Lighting campfires can be difficult even with matches if the air is too humid, the wind too erratic, or the available tinder, too damp or inadequate. There's a reason why well-prepared campers bring along fire starters such as potassium permanganate and glycerin, not just something to make sparks.
  • Lighting things on fire without matches is actually really hard, especially if one is just using the "rub two sticks together" trick.
  • In Real Life, moors, marshes and other damp stretches of land are notoriously hard places in which to light fires, for obvious reasons. The trick is to split logs open and light the dry wood in the middle.
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