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Unlikeable Protagonist

A protagonist purposely made completely unlikeable.

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An Unlikeable Protagonist is the protagonist of a story that's purposely made to be unlikeable. The author piles on negative personality traits to do this, perhaps because the author is trying to make a protagonist that the antagonists are supposed to defeat. Sometimes the intention is for the Unlikeable Protagonist to develop into a likeable character. If there are multiple protagonists then the Unlikeable Protagonist could be used as a Hate Sink. Sometimes the author intends to make the protagonist such a great villain that the viewers Love to Hate the protagonist. Some writers will have the protagonist be likeable but then [[Protagonist Journey To Villainy have them become unlikeable.

Obviously very difficult to pull off. If there aren't any heroic secondary characters to balance things out then Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy will result. Drag on Character Development for too long and people will get sick of the protagonists antics.

May overlap with Complete Monster, Jerkass, and Villain Protagonist. Compare Designated Hero when this is done unintentionally. Compare and Contrast Unintentionally Unsympathetic and Unintentionally Sympathetic. When Played for Laughs they're an Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist. When it's the Fan Dumb views a protagonist as unlikeable even though that wasn't the intention of the author it's Ron the Death Eater, (or possibly Designated Hero).
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