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Will probably launch this tomorrow. Last call for examples. Could use A Better Description There must be a good way of turning the description into a story. This trope is certainly appropriate for one., and Indexs would be apreciated.

Some characters have strong traits that they are known by. This is for when a character momentarily breaks away from their normal habits to make a point or because the plot demands it. Often causes the other characters to do a Double Take and mention why this event is Serious Business.

Some classic Archetypal Characters who might be the cause of this I need specific examples for each of these. Anyone got any?:

A Super Trope of should I make this part into an Index at launch?:

This is a trope for when a somewhat-Out of Character action is used to draw extra attention to the scene (similar to a Title Drop). It isn't Hidden Depths because it isn't telling us something about the character we didn't already know, and it's a subtrope of Out-of-Character Moment in that this is specifically the usage of an OOCM to draw attention to a scene.


  • The Dresden Files: Mac The Bartender is also The Quiet One. The seriousness of any particular book is proportional to the number of words that he says. A complete sentence or two is enough to scare Dresden. In Changes he goes on for a good sized paragraph.
  • Angel Beats!: The Ninja (who is The Quiet One) says something in the 10th episode. Everyone is shocked by this.
  • Jin in Bleach never opens his eyes. When he does, expect the fandom to react.
  • Fujin in Final Fantasy VIII, who usually speaks in one-word yells, suddenly starts to speak normally when she delivers her what-the-hell moment to Seifer.
  • At the ending of Ichiban Ushiro No Daimaou: The student council member who always says "guga", said something else than guga.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird is full of these: Scout notes the only time she ever heard Atticus raise his voice (when he's defending his parenting style to Aunt Alexandra) and the only time she ever heard him call something a sin (to kill a mockingbird). Jem decides to follow Atticus the night the mob threatens him outside the jail because Atticus took his car instead of walking as usual. Scout and Jem are shocked at Tom Robinson's trial when Atticus takes off his jacket and loosens his tie, because they've never seen him do that during the day.
  • Dwayne's big outburst in Little Miss Sunshine.
  • In the earlier Harry Potter books, moments when Hermione was in favor of breaking the rules were this.
  • Burn Notice There's an episode where Michael sends Sam to escort Madeleine to safety. Madeleine isn't hearing of it, offers Sam a beer. Sam refuses the beer, at which point Madeleine starts taking him seriously.
  • Skalman from Bamse, a Swedish comic series, almost never showed emotion, and always obeyed a strict schedule. When he stopped obeying that schedule for a bit, or snapped at his friends, you knew it was serious.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Longshot speaks just once... and it literally stuns everyone who hears him because it's so rare.
  • In the Chronicles of Narnia series, this happens in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. When the ship is attacked by a giant sea serpent, Reepicheep yells at everyone to push the serpent off the boat rather than fight it. Since Reepicheep usually fights first and asks questions later, this is unusual enough to startle the rest of the ship's crew into helping him.
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