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Bait and Switch UnSorcerer
Everyone has magical powers but you. Oh, wait, you do after all.
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This character knows about the existence of magic or superpowers and is in a position where he or she expects to have them. Either Everyone Is a Super, or magical powers run in their family and the character is expected to inherit them. However, he or she is apparently powerless...

...the key word being apparently. Because it turns out that this character has powers after all. Not only that, but more often than not this character's magic will be better and stronger than everyone else's, or of a rare type that almost no one else has. In some cases, it will turn out that the character can't do the usual sort of magic because they actually have powerful Anti-Magic.

Since this trope most often applies to the protagonist of the story, the presence of a work on this list is probably a spoiler.

  • White Cat by Holly Black. Cassel, an apparent normal in a family of curse workers, turns out to be a transformation worker, which is the rarest type. He didn't know because his brother, a memory worker, worked him to forget about it.
  • A Young Man Without Magic by Lawrence Watt-Evans. The title is a lie. In this case, though, Anrel's magic isn't any stronger than anyone else's; in fact, it's weaker, because he repressed his talent all his life and never had the formal training most wizards get.
  • Bink of the Xanth series. His talent was purposely concealing its own existence.
  • The Ropemaker by Peter Dickinson. Tilja is initially jealous that her sister inherits the family magic, but Tilja herself turns out to have highly useful Anti-Magic powers.
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