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You're not allowed to like that!
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I've been seeing a few examples of this pop up on “Stop Having Fun” Guys, and I'm wondering if it's splittable. Basically, it's when fans of something are told that they shouldn't like that something, because it's somehow inferior.

  • "Real Musicians" vs. Guitar Hero and Rock Band players. Most of you have probably seen this somewhere already; when amateur musicians tell players of the games that their hobby is stupid and they should learn to play a real guitar.
  • Stage Magic fans and Professional Wrestling fans have a common foe: the people who insist on telling you that "It's fake!". Thank you, Captain Obvious, now let us enjoy it.
  • As well, anybody who has ever watched anything animated is sure to be told at some point that they're too old to watch that, and it's for kids and therefore valueless.
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