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Iron Appetite

No ammount of grossness can put this character off from eating.

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Basically, this character has an apetite that no ammount of gross, icky, squicky or nauseating stimuli can quell. This isn't the same as being immune to food ppoisoning, the character may be just as vulnerable as normal.

Characters with an Iron Apetite can have two mutually independent things going on that may combine:
  • He or she finds no food disgusting. Foreign Queasine is unknown to them. However, they won't eat spoiled food unless they have special resistance to it. They are likely immune to a Lethal Chef provided that the chef only makes unpalatable and non-toxic food.
  • Non-food related events that can make people nauseous don't affect their appetite. Fighting off a Body Horror of a monster makes her teammates queasy, but she's starving from all the exertion.

The non-overlap is important, since a character may have normal tastes but no gag response, ot have a very warped (or ridiculously open) palatte while still finding some things put her off eating.

Compare Extreme Omnivore and Paste Eater. See also Big Eater.

  • There is an offhand comment in one Schlock Mercenary strip that UNS Lieutenant Pongoryobi can eat lasagna while watching the autopsy channel.
  • Starfire in the Teen Titans uses the first variant, much to her teammates own queasyness.
  • In Fringe, Walter is an example of the second variant. He will merrily eat while performing an autopsy.
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