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No Product Safety Standards
When a piece of technology doesn't go through rigourous safety testing.
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"Should we initiate a recall?"

You've just built the world's first and only prototype of something. Why not test it yourself without a hazardous environment suit? Or better yet, put it into mass-production and release it to the public as soon as possible! Surely, nothing bad could come from something made on a budget. What could possibly go wrong from a lack of clinical trials?

That cancer you got ten years later is probably unrelated, not to mention the injuries of all those children who tried to play with it, or those dead military personnel who looked at it funny. While Moral Guardians may be outraged, don't expect Neglectful Precursors or a Crapsack World to care.

Compare with May Contain Evil & No OSHA Compliance. Contrast Disastrous Demonstration: when a product's dangerous properties reveal themselves during a promotional event.


  • Fight Club has a sequence where the protagonist/narrator explains how the automotive company he's employed at does recalls for new cars, averting this trope only when it's cost effective.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • A more positive example comes from Dead Space where medical appliances and mining tools can be repurposed into weapons on the spot. What this meant for future society before the outbreak is more than a little disturbing.
  • Aperture Science in the Portal series is all about this, from toxic shower curtains to the "Anti Heimlich Maneuver". Recordings in the second game show that employees were fired on the spot for even suggesting testing their contraptions for safety of use. Perhaps that's exactly the reason behind their ultimate commercial failure.
  • In the back story of 0x10c, the human race wakes up trillions of years in the future because of a byte order error in the software used to operate cryogenic sleep capsules.

Western Animation
  • One of the first episodes of Family Guy has Peter falling asleep on the job at the toy factory, allowing for dangerous products to make it into shipping, such as a bottle of pills inside a "Pound Poochie" box, a "silly ball" being a throwing hatchet, and a girl's doll being built in with a flamethrower.
  • The VeggieTales video "The Toy that Saved Christmas" has Buzz-Saw Louie, the hot new toy with a real working buzzsaw!

Web Original

Real Life
  • Too many to mention. Historical examples are mostly a result of ignorance when it comes to the physiological effects of a substance (such as lead), while modern examples tend to be from poor safety standards. Fortunately, product recalls do occur.

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