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Q And Assassinate
Ask if there are any questions, then kill anyone who actually asks.
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So you are the leader of The Omniscient Council of Vagueness and you have just described your plot to rob the world's supply of Mineral MacGuffin as part of your evil plan for world domination. As a brilliant criminal mastermind or Corrupt Corporate Executive, you feel you stated your plan briefly but eloquently. But to be safe, you ask if anyone in the council has any questions, confident that you...

Oh, turns out someone does have a question or ethical concern. So what do you do? Shoot them.

After a brief pause, turn to the rest of the council members and ask "Any ''other'' questions?"

Similar to Shoot the Messenger and You Have Outlived Your Usefulness, Q And Assassinate is used by Big Bads to show how evil and dangerous they are and their low tolerance for anyone that challenges their authority, even high ranking officials in their organization. In works for younger audiences, those that dare to ask a question are removed via a trap door underneath their chair.


Western Animation
  • In Frosty Returns, one of the people on Mr. Twitchell's board of trustees questioned the environmental impact of his snow removal spray. She gets fired and sent out a trap door.

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