Neapolitan Elves
Elves come in three flavours in the same work

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What's more delicious than chocolate icecream, strawberry icecream OR vanilla icecream? All of them together! Besides, it's easier to explain the concept of 'icecream' to someone and say it tastes like three things than to make three different desserts.

So many people do this particular brand of 'Our Elves Are Better' it deserves it's own trope. Usually, it will be High Elves (restrained, civilized, noble), Wood Elves (wild, tree-hugging, fun-loving) and Dark Elves (evil, Machiavellian, sneaky).


- Warhammer Fantasy

- Warhammer 40K: Eldar, Dark Eldar and the Exodites

- Dungeons & Dragons: Eladrin are the High Elves and Wood Elves are just 'Elves'
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