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Drastically Altered Geopolitical Map
The geopolitical map of one or more countries has its borders redrawn drastically.
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Alternate Titles: Drastically Redrawn Geopolitical Map

A drastic reshaping of the geopolitical scene on a regional, continental or global scale, in a future or an Alternate History setting, via significant redrawing of national borders, multiple and/or extreme instances of balkanization and large-scale union/annexation, upsetting of the Balance of Power, and/or entire countries being literally erased from the face of the planet, which is usually (in)directly caused by either a global war (or several technically unrelated but simultaneous wars around the world), a planetary-scale catastrophe or some huge socio-political revolution, if not left as one huge Noodle Incident in cases of works set in the distant future.

Subtropes that are most commonly employed for this one:

The level of change can be roughly divided into the following categories, with generic examples:
  • Regional: One or more countries within the same regional locality are affected. Example: The United States of America splits into two or more successor states.
  • Continental: At least most of a single continent is affected. Example: A newly resurgent Glorious Mother Russia invades Europe, and annexes most of the continent.
  • Worldwide: Multiple continents, if not the whole world, are affected. Example: The settings of 1984 and Shadowrun.

Note: Due to its relatively small size, instances of this trope that are limited to both Australia and nearby islands should be treated as "Regional".

Not to be confused with The Great Politics Mess-Up, which is strictly about conflict between a story's events and real-life geopolitical changes that make said events impossible within the bounds of Twenty Minutes into the Future and Like Reality Unless Noted, and thus forcing the story into the realm of Alternate History / Alternate Universe.

Examples set in The Future


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • Ghost in the Shell: As one can see from this map, the U.S.A. splintered in three (with one third joining Russia), China appears to have swallowed every country in the Eastern and Southern parts of mainland Asia, and there are no dividing borders visible on the European, African and South American continents (except for the Scandinavian Peninsula), suggesting that their respective collection of countries merged into continent-wide superstates.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
  • Shadowrun: Oh, where to begin, where to begin...
    • The USA both lost old territories to Native American, Hawai'ian, Californian and neo-Confederate seccessions, gained new ones by merging with the remnants of a similarly-afflicted Canada, and later on the independent California and neo-Confederate Texas got invaded by Aztlan (formerly Mexico).
    • The just-mentioned Mexico became the Blood Magic cult-ruled and World Domination-aspiring Aztlan.
    • Russia lost most of Siberia to Awakened revolts.
    • Italy splintered into a loose confederation of successor states, including a reestablished Papal State.
    • The Arabian Peninsula became a single unified country.
    • Palestinians and Israelis eventually achieved true peaceful coexistence under one multiethnic state... Well, as much "peaceful coexistence" as most other "1st-world" multiethnic countries can in Shadowrun's Crapsack World, that is.
    • A new restoration of the Japanese Imperial Family's political power and Japan's former status as a world military power (in addition to its now souped-up economic world power status).
    • The People's Republic of China ultimately dissolved into a myriad of splinter states (including a Communist rump state) that are constantly vying for political dominance if not outright warring with each other.
    • And did we mention that most of Sub-Saharan Africa had descended into such a chaotically anarchic mess of continuous revolutions, regime changes, and ever-shifting borders and alliances that everbody else decided that it's more efficient to label the entire area as the "Pan-African Federation"? Note that "federation" here is an actual (and perhaps deliberate) misnomer, as there is nothing remotely close to a unifying authority over this practically lawless region.
  • Ground Zero Games has a series of games, including Full Thrust, Dirtside and Stargrunt that all take place in what is called the "Tuffleyverse." In addition to the establishment of intersteller settlements, the political geography of Earth has been significantly rearranged. The major powers are listed below:
    • New Anglian Confederation: The NAU unites the United Kingdom, Canada, and almost all of the Americas under the British crown. The one part of the Americas that do not control is Free Cal-Tex, a minor power consiting of present day California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.
    • The Eurasian Solar Union: Unites Russia, China, Korea, India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and a number of their smaller neighbors. Russia appears to be the dominate member.
    • New Swabian League: Unites France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. France is the dominant member.
    • Federal Stats Europa: United Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, the Chezch Republic and Slovakia.
    • Addtional powers include the Islamic Federation, the Scandinavian Federation, the Pan African Union, the Indonesian Commonwealth (which has conqured most of its neighors), the Oceanic Union (Austrialia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea) and the Romanov Hegemony (Ukraine and the Baltic nations). In addition there are a handful of independent nations (such as Switzerland, Japan and Ireland) and areas under dispute.
  • In Fortess America, Dirty Communists take over most of the world and divide it between the The Euro-Socialist Pact, The Central American Federation, and The Asian Peoples Alliance. The three powers then turn on the United States.

[[folder:Video Games]] [[/folder]]

Examples set in an Alternate History

[[folder:Anime and Manga]] [[/folder]]

  • 1984: There are three countries, Oceania (the Americas and Britain), Eurasia, and Eastasia. The rest of Africa and Asia is fought over by the three powers.
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